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Special Tools?

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Special Tools?

Postby baldilocks » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:49 am

As per James thread he needs engine out, subframe dropped and steering rack fixed I am checking into any special tools needed to make work go well.
Engine lift brackets look easy enough to make 18G 1465, thick steel, grinder and pillar drill.
JD115 front spring compressor I can borrow, or make with HT threaded rod.
JD120 or other number, steering rack pin to keep centred, while removed. As he is a 94 its not the earlier pin, has anybody had a 94 rack off and can tell if an appropriate sized bolt etc is just as useful and what size? I am assuming its/pin bolt in a slot to lock it so not high tech?
Does crank pulley need come off to remove engine? If so locking the crank, or big windy hammer?
Any other recommended tools to acquire or borrow to make this go easier?

grinder, welder, compressor, windy hammer, breaker bar with long tube extension already available. Unfortunately no hoist but at least a large shed with concrete floor.
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Re: Special Tools?

Postby abercanadian » Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:41 pm

Does crank pulley need come off to remove engine? If so locking the crank, or big windy hammer?

Not sure why you would need to pull this, but never had the engine out so don't know.

Not easy to lock crank for removal but if you do need to remove it, you'll need a 3/4" drive impact socket, 1-5/16" IIRC and a 3/4" breaker bar.

Remove the fan assembly and protect the rad core from accidental bangs with a piece of plywood.

Start the engine then remove the O2 sensor heater relay. The engine will run out of fuel and stop. Switch off the car. Fit the socket, then move the crank so that the breaker bar lies snugly on the frame, just below the air filer intake. Now bump the starter. The crank bolt will be loose and easy to remove.

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