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One month back on he road

list any meetings here
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One month back on he road

Postby Fiddler » Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:14 pm

Having driver round the estate G red Daimler 4.0 felt so good had to insure and tax I have an slk Merc insured with
Hagerty it's 2001 so £100 later and tax monthly . We're off . So original air con gas had only just gone . Convert any fill .All ok and cool . Sorted wscreen and headlight washers out and new front pads . Now mileage 37.500. mpg average
18 minimum . 26 motorway mpg. Have a nice X350 2.7d
A fantastic car and on a par with Tesla S . Steering ride wise. That diesel returns 43 mpg . So back on the road . Next job clean and rustproof underside .oil and filter change .Now only fault is a crackling radio . Any radio repairers .near Liverpool ?prob internal dry joint . One month petrol £100

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Re: One month back on he road

Postby abercanadian » Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:38 pm

Why not try posting in Morse code or Shorthand, might be easier to understand? :shock:

94 XJ40 VDP vin 701729
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240,000 km/149,000 Miles
Daily Driver

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