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Postby j_r » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:30 pm

As Fatcat hasnt been on the road this year I thought Id better at least post something so as some very kind companies give me products to try I thought I should review them :D

This is the first of them, enjoy :D

As some of you know as well as Jaguars XJ40 we have a soft spot for the Mazda MX5.
Earlier this year we bought a rare 2003 MX5 Indiana (250) that has only covered 10,000 miles but at some point she has been stored under a dirty cover causing some micro scratches to the paint.
We called into Frost Restoration to pick up some Britemax products (more of those in another review). Whilst we were there we met with Stuart, their marketing chap. He was looking for owner/ car pictures so I suggested I bring down our rare MX5 Indiana (Pineau) the following week.
A week had passed and the weather was dry so after finishing my work for the day Pineau was unpacked from her Carcoon and off we went to Frosts head office.
There I met with Rodger the Director of Frost Restoration and during Pineau’s photo shoot we talked about all things cars. Rodger is a cracking chap showing some new products, his cars and even giving me a tour of Frost HQ at Glazebury nr Warrington.
Back to the benefits, these being that Rodger asked me to review some Frost Products and this is the first of those reviews.
A wax polish is a personal thing. Ask ten car enthusiasts what is the best polish and you will probably get ten different answers.
Today I am testing Frost Carnauba Wax. In these days of HD and High Tech it was a refreshing change to see the wax is presented in a retro style tin with an equally retro Frost Label. On opening the tin you notice the scent, I couldn’t make my mind up what the scent was, peach, mango maybe.
The there is the wax texture, it was my first experience of a wax with a grainy feel. After a quick google it seems the graininess is a sign of a high Cananuba content.
The label states 65% Carnauba Wax so from a Carnauba Wax/ Volume point of view this product is up there with some very expensive boutique waxes yet it only costs £25 a tin, so how does it perform.
Let the testing begin:
I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to cars to test products on but as it was a Friday afternoon and the fact she had just been washed and dried the testbed was our 2015 MX5 Sport Nav in Soul Red.
Using a Microfibre applicator only a slight dab of the wax on the applicator was needed and its surprising how far this stuff goes.
As a quick test the bonnet, boot and nose were treated to a coat of the wax using small circular motions. Application is straightforward and much to my relief the waxes grainy texture smooths out on the first swipe and it spreads very nicely like melting butter.
The tin states a quick cure time but when I thought it would be ready and after the finger swipe test it needed longer than some of my other waxes (this could have been because I had applied it too thickly).
After the wax had cured removal was easy with a yellow microfibre cloth following up with a second cloth for final buffing.

The finish from this wax is dazzling, making the Soul Red paint look very glossy with the wet look I was looking for. Water beading is superb as well.
Next it was the turn of Pineau.
The garnet red paint had already been deep cleaned and clayed and the paint finished with Britemax products.
Application was the same and again the finish on the Garnet Paint (a deep red wine metallic) was superb.
The next day we took her to Oulton Park and she looked stunning in the bright sunshine.
So, what do I think, well the main thing is I can’t believe this wax is only £25 a tin
Result: Highly Commended
Pros: Price, Finish, Performance & Ease of Use
Cons: None
Just remember this is just a wax with no abrasives so if your paint has any marks, swirls etc. then it will need to be attended to first using a suitable polish.

http://www.frost.co.uk/frost-premium-ca ... -150g.html
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