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Selling my XJR 4.0A if anyone is interested?

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Re: Selling my XJR 4.0A if anyone is interested?

Postby NMV 1E » Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:15 pm

Fair points made there naki_k, very fair points. I know of one chap who'll totally rebuild a shell from lace curtains, migging in and joddeling bits and pieces of metal, grinding chopping more shaping (its a skill and a mindset not many of us subscribe to, at least I've never, "been there"). Spraying, flatting and spraying again. Then sourcing parts and trim for it one day to resemble a motor car ... Not original, not reshelled just skilfully rebuilt. Then the car does all the shows practically every summer week end its out and about. In fact, here is one of his early (breathless) "you tube" offerings .......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ9t7QG ... yDqbmXby7D
This car is now quite famous in "Ford" circles, the point I'm trying to make is that every year the owner has a rolling programme of remedial works to keep it up to the standard the car was at when the rebuild / restoration was complete. Quite and undertaking and definitely a true enthusiast of motor cars and the Ford marque.
Just returning to my present car a moment I was happy to notice that the alloy wheels had been "refurbished" to a reasonable standard (no kerbing etc) HOWEVER when they were painted two wheels had balance weights on the rims .... New tyres meant the weights needed to come off. Guess what, I now need to paint (or diligently touch up) two wheels. THEY'RE NEVER FINISHED ..... No, they're never ever finished. Its just a question of what level your OCD is at and how many Ducks need to be in a straight line ;)
My previous car (XJR) on the other hand, was requiring another tranche of repairs that didn't make economical sense when the likelyhood of its future use was more of a show piece ( :?: ) than an every day motor car. I buy cars like I buy shoes and shirts to use appropriately, they are forms of transport don't forget. Each and every one of my mini fleet I can use without worry, hassle or depreciation. I can enjoy open top motoring or be cosseted in comfort in a seriously rapid coupe, which I can also hide in most car parks too. In a simple word, contentment :D ;)
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