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Door Handle differences

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Door Handle differences

Postby Rok_Dr » Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:34 pm

I recently scored a job lot of 8 door handles, a mixture of front and rears including early and later (1990) tibbe/spindle key fronts. In the fullness of time I'll gumtree the earlier front handles and one or 2 of the rear ones.

I've since discovered that for the Tibbe key front door handles there are 2 part numbers. JUM2043/4 for the pre 93 cars and JLM11286/7 for the later 93-94 models.

From the outside they look exactly the same, so the the question to the learned members here is, are they interchangeable? I suspect/hope they are and it's just a MY93 wiring plug change.


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