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Self-Levelling Question - Tandem Pump

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Self-Levelling Question - Tandem Pump

Postby CharlesHK » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:50 am

Dear Members,
Greetings. I know this is probably a often asked and often answered question, but any assistance would be appreciated.
Car: Daimler Double Six 1993 Insignia (Primrose!).

About 9 years ago I purchased the self-levelling conversion kit and my mechanic replaced the faulty self-levelling system with regular rear shocks. To the best of my knowledge, he followed the instructions.

My question is this: Do I need to keep filling up the green fluid now?

When I picked the car up 9 year ago, I was surprised to see the self-leveling reservoir still in the car, but my mechanic told me that the tandem pump is served by both the steering and the self levelling fluids so he didn't take the reservoir off. He also didn't drain the green fluid out. The self-levelling fluid hose has now started leaking and the fluid has reduced to nothing.

Is this a problem for the tandem pump?

Will the tandem pump continue to work for the steering (red fluid reservoir is fine and full) if there is no green self-levelling fluid in the reservoir going to the pump? My mechanic didn't know if the pump would stop working without the green fluid.

Many thanks,

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