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Rust - Yikes!

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Re: Rust - Yikes!

Postby Hecticat » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:20 pm

naki_k wrote:
Hecticat wrote:Here to return with a final report - the car has gotten its MoT (it initially failed on both rear wheel bearings and on a crumbly cat, we replaced all four cats, and the wheel bearings)

The only thing I have to do now is to replace either one or two rear ABS sensors. I screwed them up, apparently while removing them to change the wheel bearings. I have new ones here from a twingo that are almost the same size but too long. I'll machine a spacer, do some adapting to the wire and then hopefully they will work!

Good news then.

Those rear ABS sensors are notorious for sticking in. Nearly everyone destroys them the first time trying to remove them. They are made by ATE, who also I made the rest of the brake system. Post details if you find a close match?

All right, I'm back from diagnosing and repairing my ABS system. I had damaged the left side sensor internally by twisting it out. I bought one from a Renault Twingo (2009-2015, I think. I'll post parts numbers and pictures in a different thread because this might be helpful to future 40 owners breaking their rear ABS sensors) The Twingo sensor has a different alignment of the cable and is 7mm too long, so I machined a spacer out of aluminium to fit it. I also extended the plug(It's a Coax wire and a pain to solder) so it would fit the Jag wiring loom. Right now, it works.

I'll go for a new thread with the details and photos once I have some time.

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