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OIl leak

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OIl leak

Postby panarabica » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:41 am

I took my Daimler for a good wash before putting it into winter storage. As I wanted to replace a door seal i went yesterday to check up on the car. What I noticed was that there was a small pool of oil under the car. After jacking it up, I saw the following:


It looks as if the aluminium corner is fractured but in reality its just dented. No oil coming out there. It seems as if the joint between the aluminium bit of piping and the plastic tube that it links to. Oil wise it looked like regular oil, but I would assume that it is transmission oil as this pipe must go to the trany oil cooler.
Am I wrong? Is this a common fault? DIY job or mechanic? Open for any ideas.


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Re: OIl leak

Postby kabeir » Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:00 am

panarabica wrote:DIY job or mechanic? Open for any ideas.

From what I would say, if you do it yourself. Make sure you have the right parts and tools. and if so Oil. If you take it to someone always call around your area and try to find the best price, as well as good reviews.

Its all up to what you think. if you can do it yourself. and have the right tools, Go right ahead.
But if you think you can't do it just call around. Its better, If someone else does it because they know what they are doing. But, In the long run. I say its your call.
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