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1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

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1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

Postby richard300 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:21 am

I am currently negotiating with the seller on this:

https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/cowandi ... 1157973142

Since moving to Australia in April 2015 I have not had an Jaguar - And bearing in mind I have always had at least one Jaguar in the garage since I was 23 (I am now 42).
So I am keen - But finding a nice car over here is hard - Rust does not seem to be such an issue but disintegrated (and I mean disintegrated) interiors and shot paintwork are a huge problem - Due to the summer temps that can regularly be in the 40 degrees Celsius + range!!

Anyway - the car in the advert isn't perfect, but its one of the best I have seen so far.
Things identified are:

Windscreen has a big chip in it and as a result I would want to replace - Is this a DIY job?
TRX tyres have good tread but are WAY past their best before date (so to speak)
Car is missing Chrome mirror caps, and the early (pre 89/90my) caps are hard to source - Especially here in South Australia.
Rear bumper iron obviously has some damage causing the rubber to be slightly deformed (Chrome and end bars are all perfectly strait and aligned)
There is a section of coachline missing (drivers door) above the Daimler chrome strip - So whilst the paint match looks spot on in the metal (you can see a slight colour difference in the photo) it must have had paint.
Passenger seat base - piping has gone a little 'wavey' due to the heat -So I would need to strip down the seat and investigate/pad out the foam.
Digital dash works fine although some of the pixels in the centre of the warning display are not at bright as they should be - they are there, but faded.
Both under dash (knee pads) are seriously deformed - can these be repaired. If not - are they interchangeable with later XJ40??
Brake Pads have been changed but brake pad warning light keeps flashing
AC does not blow cold - Compressor/clutch kicks in when switched on.... A big deal over here!!!
Car runs ok but Idle is a little wobbly - When I 'dropped' the bonnet closed, I thought the car was going to stall - but the revs eventually came back??

BUT - She is solid, no rust and all the electrics work, headlining has no sagging and there are no rips or tears to the interior.
No issues with broken door locks/handles and only minor issues with the lacquer on the veneers (mostly the picnic tables as seen in the pics).

There cant be many pre 4.0litre Vanden Plas left in existence??

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Re: 1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

Postby old del boy » Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:39 am

Yes a very rare car , not many would have survived and this one doesn't seem to be too bad , your description made it sound worse than it looks , the main killer for most would have been corrosion which this one doesn't have which is a big plus , the other stuff can be sorted eventually , a rolling resto is much more fun , the screen is bonded and really needs to be fitted professionally in my opinion , i watched two guys fit my Rover screen , also bonded and i didn't envy them , i would think the main expense would be the cost of it anyway .
I think due to the lack of choice where you are this is as good as you can expect , the real decision you must make is at around 125,000 miles and a cost of approx £3800 is it good value ?

Here in the UK i think it would have to have less faults to command that sort of money , a/c problems can be expensive to sort out and a set of tyres aren't cheap but you will obviously use these problems as a bargaining strategy , i'd say if you can get it for a good price it will be a good project :)

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Re: 1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

Postby naki_k » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:27 am

I think you will be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t have any cosmetic faults at all.
This one looks pretty decent in the pics. Especially at the mileage / KM’s quoted.

As always, it depends what your choice is, how much you can afford to spend, how far you are will to travel, how specific you are about colour combinations/ spec and trim etc, how long can you wait.

The other option could be a Japanese import?

I expect there will other examples out there if you are willing to wait. And possibly more expensive ones with less faults? But the one you have shown does not look like a bad bet.
For the parts you need, most things will come up eventually, if you can hold out.
I have parts available. PM me for details.

You should speak to our other Aussie members on here, who keep an eye on the classified Ads down under. Who may also know club member cars etc.
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Re: 1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

Postby SovverBovver » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:59 pm

naki_k wrote:The other option could be a Japanese import?

That's much easier said than done in Australia. Joe Public can't do personal imports like you can in the UK unless the car qualifies for an exemption. Exemptions are made for vehicles on a special list (which Xj40s aren't), or when the car qualifies as a classic, or when the car fits into another exemption which are narrowly defined. You can do an import through a Registered Automotove Workshop Scheme but that's just an excuse for a middle man to charge you £££. (Perhaps that should be AUD.) I think the Australian Government were proposing lowering the age of "classic" cars from 30 years old to 25 (so an XJ40 might qualify) but I don't know whether this has happened and I'm not sure if an XJ40 qualifies as a "classic" car. One of the Australian forum members might be able to help with this. You also need to pass quarantine checks so the car (or parts) must be clean which isn't easy to achieve with a second-hand car so they might charge you for "decontaminating" it before it's allowed in.

The Australians might have cheaper petrol than the UK, but someone living there might find they can't get an example of the car they want to put it in at a reasonable price or the right condition. Some cars we take for granted just weren't sold in the same quantities over there.

These rules have led to an unnecessary waste of cars which get bought in Japan, cut in half in Japan (so that the vehicle becomes "car parts" which are permitted to be imported) then rebuilt in Australia using an Australian Domestic Market shell that was donated from a similar model.

The classic cars I've seen in Australia tend to be free from serious corrosion, but bad paint, intergalactic mileage and dry deteriorated interiors are very common. Good source of rust free XJ40 shells though. Anyone want to reshell an XJR?
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Re: 1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

Postby carsie » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:39 pm

Thought it wouldn't be too long before the itch got to you Richard :lol:

Knowing your love of the '40 and '300 and the quality of your cars in the past Rich, I look forward to your next set of wheels whether its this one or another.

I liked the picture of your XJR outside Lancing College ( you're now going to tell me it was a Daimler and that it was in London lol! )


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Re: 1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

Postby katar83 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:20 pm

I would say as good as it gets at this price there, its hilarious how the owner described it though: 'ECONOMICAL 3.6 LITRE' :lol:
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Re: 1988 Daimler VDP - In Australia

Postby Per » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:12 am

Is it equally difficult to import a parts car? I would have thought that a rusty UK car with perfect interior and a non-rusted AU car would be a prefect marriage? Freight might be a killer though?
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